Graceful Katherine

Lindsay & Kevin

Lindsay and Kevin got married in beautiful Aiken, South Carolina! Being able to shoot these families was a special treat because you could feel their love for one another.  It was a great group, and a joy to see Kevin and Lindsay make their vows before God. In my brief time hanging out with them I have learned that  Kevin and Lindsay are 1. wildly in love  2. incredibly down to earth 3. they love their friends. 4. they are full of joy and life.

They got ready at their reception site, The Rye Patch, a historic house full of antique detail and large windows.  We were glad that while it rained before the service, the rest of the day was sunny and  perfect. And let me tell  you, this family really knows how to dance!

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This is the groom and his college roommates sporting the array of costumes that were provided for the photobooth. 

Katherine and Tom

Graff/Bennet Wedding

I can hardly believe that Saturday is over and Chad and Rachel are married! Rachel is a friend from high school, she’s sweet, caring, a joyful person to be around. Chad, I met later at a friends wedding. I was so excited to find out he was an artist but even more excited to learn that he was such a great guy! I’ve seen the two of them grow together as a  couple asking God for guidance a long the way. I wasn’t just taking pictures today, I was genuinely so excited to be a part of their wedding and see them make their vows as husband and wife (I’ll admit, I got a little teary eyed).

The  wedding was filled with so many labors of love from family and friends as well as crafty details.  Their wedding was like one big blessing of love bestowed upon them. Everyone had such a good time dancing the night away afterwards!


Fay’s Bridal Session

Josh and Jessica Get Married!